Chalice Overy

A Jersey girl turned Tarheel, I grew up skiing and figure skating.  While I still enjoy both, I don’t really do Winter anymore, as an entire season.  North Carolina has spoiled me! 

My journey in ministry began when I was fairly young, at the age of 17, and I have been consistently engaged since that time.  Teaching Sunday School and speaking at church programs turned into leading campus bible studies and mission trips.  It wasn’t long before I knew that ministry would be my vocation, but I couldn’t imagine then just how it would take shape and how I would evolve as a minister.

The first half of my ministry life was marked by a lot of legalism and very little grace. My focus was on keeping “God’s” rules, and encouraging others to do the same so that we could enjoy the abundant life.  However, a few years out of seminary, I noticed that my belief system didn’t always hold up against the complexities of the human experience, and, for the first time, I allowed myself to engage the gray areas.  

Over time, I embraced a much more robust economy of grace, and it changed my priorities for ministry.  I now want to create spaces where people can be honest about who they are, and feel free to articulate questions, doubts and unpopular opinions.  I do that here, not to create controversy, but to create community for those who are looking to engage in conversations that they cannot have in their churches.  I do it because I believe that when people engage faith deeply, they develop a deep, nourishing and transformative faith.