• Chalice Overy

Evening Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Inspired by Isaiah 58


We draw close this evening attempting to tune our hearts to the frequency of the spirit. We acknowledge that, in our best efforts to keep in step with the spirit, we have wandered off course; that in our best attempts to follow you, there are times when we’ve found ourselves standing in your way--in the way of the work you desire to do in the world, and in between you and the people you reach out to embrace.

We are grateful that your love for us and all creation calls us back on course and reorients us to the way that is love. We sit in stillness n

ow so that you don’t have to shout. Speak Lord for your servants are listening. Give us strength and courage to follow you into green pastures, beside still waters, through dark valleys, across rough seas and bearing the weight of our own cross, trusting in power of your abiding presence.

Good Shepherd, guide us through this Lenten journey that in denying the self, we may be free to indulge in the flourishing of all. May that which we give up free our hands to loose the bonds of oppression and our resources to nourish the hungry, house the homeless and protect the vulnerable.


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